“benefizradler”  “charity cyclist”   “benefiz cycliste”   “caridad ciclista”   “ciclista solidale”   “velgorenhed cyklist”   “liefdadigheids fietsers”
Why charity cyclist ? Because I got the chance of being healthy and happy, of meeting people, and experiencing nature while cycling around the world, I got the idea to give something back. That’s why I decided to perform charity-bike-rides  (km changed in €) for a social purpose. To spend the holidays with the bike is an "experience" with all the senses and besides, a healthy movement. So, doing something good this way is quite reasonable. I find good support from my wife – she travels with me, whenever her work holidays allow. On our bicycles we move faster than hiking, but slower than travelling by car. We smell things, hear the country-sounds, and experience nature with all its distractions and rigors. One of our benefits is gaining new friends and getting a variety of reactions and support for our charity bike rides.
What a nice saying in our home dialect: “Don’t talk about good deeds, just perform them”
Here we are: Monika and Philipp on an original penny-farthing from 1876, found in a bike-sheet in Scotland
Every year we ride for another social institution - dependent on donations - and we chose each of them because of a personal background. We always inform people in our city by the local press and at the same time try to find our way through the burocracy of social instituions. So believe us that we honestly like to be charity-cyclists who combine biking and the charity idea.
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